In-Season Performance 2024/25

Each coach in the club will work with the club Director of Coaching in continuously evaluating players during the Fall / Summer league season. There will be player evaluations completed for every player which is intended to keep each player updated on the current status as well as potential future status in the club.

We strive to provide players with a positive & equitable tryout experience. 

  • Players for each team are selected based on numerous factors including, but not limited to, technical, tactical, & physical performance, as well as psychological & emotional maturity. 

  • Tryouts are an opportunity for the Kickers FC coaching staff to see your talents.  Show your true love of the game!

  • Each team's level of play will be determined by the club Director of Coaching, coaching staff, & independent evaluators, based on an assessment of the players during tryouts. 

  • Kickers FC does it's best to place every player on the team that suits their development & enjoyment of the game. Players may have opportunities to play up, throughout the season if the coaching staff & Director of Coaching see fit for the player’s development.  

  • Kickers FC will use a player evaluation platform.  All coaches and evaluators will be trained on the platform for tryouts.